Michael Tomas Mitchell, Director of Education, 
Disabilities and Mental Health


Michael Tomas Mitchell is the Director of Education, Disabilities, and Mental Health for Acelero Learning Clark County.  Michael has a B.S. in Sociology from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  He joined Acelero Learning in August 2009 as a Teach for America corps member.  Michael was motivated by his own experiences as a young learner without access to sufficient educational resources, as well the clear research which illustrates that education is the top indicator of upward social mobility.  In working as a teacher at Acelero, he was amazed at the support I received, and grateful to be surrounded by others that also had the desire to positively impact our community and the lives of children.  For these reasons, he  has continued my work as an educator here at Acelero Learning Clark County.  Michael oversees the implementation of educational services for all of our Head Start centers in Clark County.  As a high school student, he worked as a community based pre-K teacher based on the high school campus.  Michael has presented at the NAEYC-PDI  national conference and teaches early childhood curriculum development courses at UNLV.