Acelero Learning's mission is to bring a relentless focus on positive family and child outcomes to close the achievement gap and build a better future for children, families, and communities served by the Head Start program.

About Acelero Learning in Clark County, Nevada

Clark County is one of 10 counties in Nevada to be served by Head Start programs. From 2009 to 2010, over 3,400 children and families received Head Start services, a number that continues to grow with additional funding from federal, state, and local initiatives.

Acelero Learning - Clark County is one of the largest Head Start providers in the state of Nevada and is the only provider of Head Start services in the city of Las Vegas. Since 1965, Head Start has been an unwavering and trustworthy resource in Las Vegas for over 200,000 low-income children and families. To date, there have been only two grantees that have been fortunate enough to provide Head Start services in our community--the Economic Opportunity Board (EOB) of Clark County from 1965 to 2006 and Acelero Learning, which won Head Start funding in 2008 and has provided quality services to an additional 14,000 low income children and families in our community.